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Our Brand


Mindful Sparks was founded with a clear mission: to create a complex elevated tea beverage that enhances dining experiences and allows diners to fully engage their senses, without dulling them. In just two years we have amassed a loyal clientele, added a new dimension to tea culture, and defined a new beverage category, while collaborating with an ever-expanding portfolio of fine-dining and Michelin star restaurants.


We are the MICHELIN Guide 2024 Official Tea Partner in Hong Kong and Macau



We elevate tea to its highest potential across cuisines and enhance tea culture to become everyone’s go-to non-alcoholic beverage.



To be synonymous with crafting complex and innovative beverages thus becoming a leader in the sparkling tea market.





Wellness is at the heart of every bottle of sparkling tea we make. It’s what drives us to source ingredients of the highest quality and retain nutritional value throughout the production process.



Our team is encouraged and given opportunities to go beyond their roles by working across departments. This allows us to grow as a multifaceted team while fostering a sense of community.



From our Layer 6 Extraction method to a sparkling tea that changes colours, we pride ourselves on the diverse skillset that allows us to bring our curated concepts to life through innovation and creativity.



The Grand Cru Prestige and Grand Prestige ranges are developed and improved with the input of fine dining and Michelin star restaurants. We hold the opinions of our collaborators in high regard, especially when creating tailor-made sparkling teas.



Mindful Sparks’ product series all have one thing in common: to enhance the tea experience and culture on the world stage. Our passion for elevating tea stems from our heritage and is one that we aim to continuously showcase.

Our Founder


Armed with a food science degree, Founder Winston Lau embarked on a global exploration of non-alcoholic beverages, ranging from craft soda to zero-ABV Wine. However, he consistently found these options to be lacking in complexity. Winston yearned to work with a base that possessed the same nuanced and sophisticated qualities as wine, but without the alcohol. He wanted a beverage that would seamlessly complement different cuisines and flavour profiles, much like the renowned winemakers have done for centuries. 


It was during this quest that a friend introduced him to Lapsang Souchong tea, a tea steeped in historical significance. This unique black tea had played a prominent role in Britain's tea trade and the First Opium War, but had fallen out of favour in Hong Kong due to its smoky notes. This introduction sparked Winston's inspiration, and he set out to explore the vast potential of this complex beverage. Thus, Mindful Sparks was born, offering a luxurious range of sparkling teas.


While the world of cross-cultural wine and cuisine pairings is well-explored, the realm of tea and fine cuisine pairings still presents a vast landscape of untapped opportunities and discoveries. 


Join us at the crossroads of ancient and modern tea culture, and embark on a new era of drinking, dining, and savouring.

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