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Grand Cru Prestige

A serenade of an intricate blend of layers, the elevation and romance of Chinese tea swirl together in a glass as you dine in luxury. This bubbly elixir will take your fine dining experience beyond the horizon.


Look deep into lost, ancient recipes, evoking a sense of childhood nostalgia and embracing serenity along the way. Anicaa presents an invigorating peace that encourages you to be courageous and unique, chic and unstoppable.



Focus and meditation join hands in the trendsetting series, Nen. Enter an idyllic realm of lush forests, calm rivers and zen sounds of nature as you unwind from the bustle of the city. You’ll be drawn to its tranquillity in no time.



Capture the fleeting moments of dazzling youth with Mindful Sparks, where wellness and peace meet. Experience the harmony of quality ingredients in each original, artistic creation crafted to perfection.


Clean and crisp, fresh and pure. Feel the innocence of raw ingredients come together and entice all of your senses without compromising integrity.

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